About CharityMobi

CharityMobi is an official 501 (c) 3 organization. Started in 2011, CharityMobi, Inc.’s mission is to create a World Health Relief Aid program for the purpose of securing medical care for medically needy children all over the world.

We do this by providing direct relief aid; and the MobiEHR ® Health ID, a personal electronic medical record that is provided on a microchip card. The MobiEHR ® Health ID is provided for individual medically needy children so that multiple medical providers will have access to the individual child’s health history, thus enabling a consistent continuum of care for each child. The card provides medical records, vaccine and prescription records; and a multiple provider comprehensive MobiEHR ® system for the documentation of ICD-10 medical care that may be accessed and utilized cost effectively by dispensaries, hospitals and health ministries.



What We Do

  • CharityMobi provides the MobiEHR ® World Health-Relief Aid Program. This program provides relief aid and medical supplies directly to qualified medically needy children globally. We provide the MobiEHR ®World Health Relief Aid survey to identify the medical and health related relief aid needs of each registered child. We document the “living proof” that specific relief aid supplies save children's lives!
  • CharityMobi provides the MobiEHR ® microchip health record cards for orphanages, medical care providers, dispensaries, and health clinics in remote locations in Africa that have no access to the internet. Donors and grants support the cost of MobiEHR ®cards and card systems.
  • CharityMobi provides MobiEHR® Health Id cards for emergency relief aid physicians in the US and foreign countries. We provide MobiEHR® Health ID cards for faith based missionaries serving in foreign countries. We provide MobiEHR® Health ID cards for the transport of injured or sick children. Donors and grants support the cost of MobiEHR ®cards and card systems.
  • CharityMobi provides grants to qualified non-profit agencies to receive and to deliver Plumpy'Nut ® sachets for nutritionally deprived children. CharityMobi provides computers and card readers, and the MobiEHR® Health ID cards. MobiEHR® Health Id is used to record the medical treatment, the nutritional therapy and the "Living Proof” of how the children's lives are saved by our sponsor donors.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is CharityMobi's mission?

The charity Mobi Mission is to Learn more about our Mission Statement

How are donations used? 

Donations are made either to the general fund or to a specific child.  Learn more about how we use donations

What services are provided?

CharityMobi provides grants to non-profit agencies that provide relief aid for children. Case workers in these agencies find children in their care that are medically needy. The agencies apply for grants for individual children. The case workers register the selected medically needy children in the CharityMobi database registry. We publish the registration information and a picture of the child in our Child Sponsorship program We seek sponsors for the medically needy children. Learn more about the services CharityMobi provides

What are your fund raising activities?

This is a short answer about the fund raising activities Learn more about our fund rasing activities


Board of Directors

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Advisory Board

We are seeking additional advisors with experience in the Health Care Ministries of foreign countries, or large non-profit organizations that provide emergency and catastrophic relief aid. Learn more about our Advisory Board



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