Donate Funds

We are appreciative of any amount you are able to donate. 

You can donate to the CharityMobi General Fund to keep our operations running or to our International Fund to support our international efforts, or the US Disaster Relief Fund for Special Needs Children. 


General Fund

CharityMobi Officers and Advisers contribute their time.  A high percentage of our Genral Fund Donations cover expenses to pack and ship donor supplied relief aid goods, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.  Our General Fund costs cover telephone and US internet communications and also international internet communications for training medical staff to use the electronic medical technology we provide.

 International Relief Fund

Your donations to the International Relief Fund provide relief aid supplies; medical care and direct emergency aid for children. We specifically provide thee program funds to support deployment of electronic medical record systems and microchip health records and telemedicne for missionary physicians and medical clinics that treat children in foreign countries.  We use your donor funds to provide in country manpower to support programs where medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and donor supplied medical equipment are documented to save children's lives.  

US Disaster Relief Fund

Your donations to the US Disaster Relief Fund provides relief aid supplies; and provide emergency aid for U.S. special needs children in disasters. Your donations provide electronic medical records to save children's lives. We provide emergency preparedness training and parent training to help parents and comunity organizations respond in disasters. 


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