In December 2014, the Officers and Board of Directors of CharityMobi, Inc. appointed Joseph Benoit Prosper, MD, to be the CharityMobi, Inc. In Country Administrative Officer for Haiti. He is a Licensed Physicain that has been providing medical care services in Haiti since 2006. He has established working relationships with Haitian medical physicans, and medical clinics throughout Haiti, and especialy in Port au Prince, St Marks, Caphatian and Mirabales.

Dr. Prosper was invited to come to Atlanta, Georgia to receive CharityMobi technology and training; and more specifically the orientation to represent and operate our EHR systems. He received two laptops computers, two fingerprint readers, a set up to operate a local area network, the Microchip health record system and the physician administrative access cards. 

He also received a SurTAB HD tablet, sim cards for the SURTAB HD and a Digicel data plan stick The SurTABHD tablet is used to provide "cloud based" electronic medical records; supported by the donation of fifty "cloud based seats"  provided by Nuesoft Technologies, Inc. of Marietta, Georgia. The EHR systems will initially be deployed by Dr. Prosper to provide electronic medical records for his patients where he provides care in several clinics in Port Au Prince and L'Estaire Haiti. Dr. Prosper uses VSEE telemedicine to collobrate with US physicians.  

 During his trip to Atlanta, Dr. Prosper received training and oreintation to provide the deployment of the CharityMobi Electronic Health Record (“EHR”) systems, and  provide technical assistance for our Grantees that will receive these EMR systems in Haiti.

 (1) The SurTAB HD with the “cloud based" Nuesoft EMR system,

 (2) The MobiEHR® Microchip Health ID EMR system. The Microchip card below includes a Gold Microchip that is imbeded into the card. This Microchip operates the secure access Finger Print Reader wien used with a Pateint ID Fingerprint Access Card. the softare in this Microchip operates the EHR health record. The software provides language translation of the health record and informtion by selecting the language. EHR records may be selected to be translatied into  English, French, Creole in Haiti, , and 18 other languages, as may be selected by the end user or patient. This language selection feature is not provided in other EHR systems, and is very useful in gaining the cooperation of patients to participate in personal care.  


 Dr. Prosper provides telemedicine to consult with US physicians about treatment for seriously ill patients.  In the near future CharityMobi intends partner with the Donor Telemendicine partner: "Mercy Virtual" Center in St, Louis, Missouri, USA for 24/7 telemedicine. CharityMobi is currently seeking Mercy Virtual to donate RN and Physician consuts for pateints in Haiti when Dr. Prosper is unable to man his telemedicine work station. CharityMobi intends to partner with telehealth vendor MDLIVE as a 24/7 telemedicine donor partner, where  Gratneee English speaking Haitian Nurses can speak with a clinician and talk over a number of different acute conditions for  complex patients, and even get a prescription for the patient. Dr. Posper will help to deploy mobile tablet devices to the clinics for telemedicine, and provide consultation via telemedicine.  

CharityMobi also hosted Dr. Prosper' visit to MedShare, Inc.MedShare is a non-profit agency that operates several large medical goods warehouses in the US. They provide medical supplies for missionaries and medical equipment for clinics and financially qualified hospitals in foreign countries . In December 2015, Dr. Prosper personally selected medical goods and supplies, and they were shipped to Haiti. The supplies are currently used at Health Fairs that are co-sponsored by CharityMobi, Inc. with area churches and other ONG organizations in Haiti.

In April 2014, Joseph Benoit Prosper participated in a Multi-Day-Heath Fair that was organized in Carrefore, where the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Roswell, Georgia brought fifty missionaries to Carrefour, Haiti.  The three day Health Fair served over 900 individuals. The Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist church Health Ministry Mission was a very successful.

Touch this link to view a great slide show of the Mission : http://youtu.be/aOBJ9W_gz1k


 Dr. Prosper also uses tax exempt medical supplies when he provides medical care in clinics in Haiti. The estimated value of the first shipment of  MedShare relief aid missionary supplies that were provided to clinics in Haiti in December 2014 was approximately $5000. The MedShare warehouse is located in Atlanta, Georgia.. CharityMobi is working closely with MedShare to provide Tax Exempt medical supplies for CharityMobi, Inc. Granteee medical clionics globally.  Our In-country Administrator for Haiti,  Joseph Prosper, MD  is currently authorized to receive those TAX Exempt supplies when shipped to Haiti.

We are working diligently to receive the required permits to receive TAX Exempt EMR computer equipment and large shipments of medical supplies that will be shipped to Haiti via container or air transport. 

CharityMobi is presently contacting several Organizations NON- Governmental in Haiti to seek the cooperation of TWO organizations to agree to authorize and provide their ONG numbers for the CharityMoObi ONG Application. The ChairityMobi ONG application will be submitted tot he Ministrie et Planificationin Haiti .  CharityMobi must receive this Official Registration certificate and Number  to request "Quitas Fiscal"  each time that we intend to ship "Tax Exempt" medical supplies from MedShare warehouse in Atlanta Georgia to our CharityMobi office in Haiti. Large medical supply shipments are not cost effective if we are charged Import Taxes on the donated goods.

 In the event that we are successful in obtaining the ONG registration, we intend to ship medical supplies to 50 Grantee Medical Clinics that operate in Haiti. We intend to provide the SurTABHD tablets and Nuesoft" cloud based"EMR software to each medical clinic. Each Medical clinic will be supported with donor medical supplies obtained and selected form the MedShareWarehouse in Atlanta. There is a web-enable resource list of the supplies that may be requested. CharityMobi does not provide direct medical care. We provide telemedicne. We provide technology to document medical care ;and we provide medical supplies for qualified Haitian ONG clinics that are our Grantees. We are Happy To Help!,

CharityMObi will solicit the donation of $14,500 to cover the first 50 SurTABHD tablets. SurTABHD tablets  are manufactured in Haiti,. Our purchases of Haitian manufactured mobile tablets support Haitian jobs.

 We like that! 

 Child health records, and other patient records will be updated each time a child visits a health care provider that has been provided the SurTAB HDdevice with the Nuesoft "Cloud based EMR system. In the event that we provide 50 SurTAB HD tablets, each clinic will treat up to 2000 patients, therefore we expect to serve 100,000 patients in Haiti. We especially focus on serving medically needy children with our EMR programs. We especially want to document the medical care that is provided with the medical supplies that we receive.in our partnership with MedShare. . 


In the future, the MobiEHR® Health ID Microchip cards may entitle registered children to receive emergency medical care, relief aid goods and services in the event of a earthquake or other catastrophic event. The microchip cards do not require Internet access during a catastrophic event.   

Dr. Joseph Prosper will work directly with Linda Melvin, the CEO ofCharityMobi to facilitate the registration of children for the MobiEHR ® Health-ID cards and to survey the children to determine their individual needs to meet the Millennium World Health Goals.  

Our Haiti Team of Advisers have come together to support implementation of the CharityMobi Electronic Medical Record Technology that will be deployed on SurtabHD devices in Haiti.  CharityMobi implements MobiEHR® World Health–Relief Aid Technology in Haiti. We do not provide patient care or medical care services.  We do not operate medical hospitals or health facilities. We are an M- Health technology organization.



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