Calister Imeda

Calister Imeda

Ms. Imeda is a research scientist at The National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), the largest public health research institution in Tanzania, and she also serves as the CharityMobi Program Administrator for Tanzania.

Ms. Imeda has been a research scientist at NIMR since 2004. The NIMR was established by the Parliament Act No. 23 of 1979 as a parastatal organization under the Ministry of Health. The establishment of NIMR was in recognition by the government of the need to generate scientific information required in the development of better methods and techniques of enhancing disease management, prevention and control in the country.

NIMR was established with the following functions: (i) to carry out and promote the carrying out of medical research designed to alleviate disease among the people of Tanzania; (ii) to carry out and promote the carrying out of research into various aspects of local traditional medical practices for the purpose of facilitating the development and application of herbal medicine; (iii) to cooperate with the government or any person, or body of persons, in promoting or providing facilities for, the training of local personnel for carrying out scientific research into medical problems.

Ms. Imeda has gained experience in both qualitative and quantitative research in different areas of the country. Ms. Imeda has grass roots field experience. She has traveled and worked in the most rural areas of Tanzania in the performance of her duties with the National Institute for Medical Research. She has visited almost every province of Tanzania in her work. She has experience in working with Community Health Workers, and has observed and assessed the health needs of people, focusing on the health needs of children living in rural communities in Tanzania; including observing, providing qualitative research and quantitative documentation of the needs of health and medical resources in those communities. She has direct experience in observing Community Health Workers at work in the rural areas of Tanzania, where there no physicians. She has experience in evaluating the training needs of Community Health Workers in those rural areas of Tanzania.

Ms. Imeda holds a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in chemistry, mathematics and Education, She holds a Masters degree in Demography of the University of Dar Es Salaam, She holds a Masters in Public Health (MPH) with specialty track in Health Promotion from Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia,.

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