How Technology Donors Help

CharityMobi is always appreciative of technology companies who donate software and programming services. These donations help us achieve our mission.

We seek the donation of hardware, software, specialty programming services; including secure data storage and technology database management for HIPAA secure medical record data storage.


Our first major technology donor is Nuesoft Technologies, Inc. Nuesoft donated the NueMD Student Health "cloud based" software for electronic medical record technology. This software is directly supports our Mission to provide medical records for CharityMobi children.


Seeking Mobile Wallet Technology Assistance

Private-Merchant Mobile Wallet Technology

CharityMobi is presently seeking a assistance implementing mobile wallet donation technology.

CharityMobi seeks a technology partner to donate the programming services to create a private merchant mobile wallet. Additionally we are looking to develop a donor loyalty coupon program. 

Cellular Network- Mobile Wallet Programming

CharityMobi is presently seeking a technology partner with existing business relationships with mobile-telephone network operators to develop donation technology. We are would like to give mobile subscriber/users the ability to make CharityMobi donations.

The vendor must have; three years of business experience in the direct development and implementation of mobile wallets for major cellular network operators.

If you are able to help with either of these programs please contact us. Thank You!

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