Helping in Grenada

Grenada, West Indies

CharityMobi is implementing a donor supported project in GRENADA to provide relief aid for disadvantaged and medically needy children. We are providing MobiEHR® Health ID cards for children.  Our World health relief aid programs will strive to educate donors and raise funds to meet the needs of medically needy children. We will track and report medical treatment provided for children by providing the MobiEHR® Health ID Card systems for physicians and health clinics in Grenada.


CharityMobi Child Registration

On June 20th –27th 2012, CharityMobi registered fifty children to receive the MobiEHR ® Health ID Card. The Colombian Squires and Dr. Marguerite Joan Joseph assisted Ken Melvin of CharityMobi to register children for the MobiEHR® cards.


Dr.Marguerite Joan Joseph and Ken Melvin of CharityMobi, Inc.

Dr.Marguerite Joan Joseph, and Dr. Cuthbert Noel were instrumental in providing our introductions to Vicar General: Msgr. Cyril Lamontagne of the Catholic Church in Grenada (W.I.), the Windref Foundation, and Dr. Martin with the Health Ministry of Grenada (W.I.).


Implementation Detail

CharityMobi Registration Officers, a physician, Health Ministry clinic nurse, or medical facility administrator will receive the MobiEHR® Health ID Clinic SET UP- Box and a computer, and the MobiEHR® “microchip” cards.  CharityMobi plans to provide twenty donor supported MobiEHR® Health ID Clinic SET UP- Boxes to orphanages, clinics, dispensaries and medical facilities in Grenada, West Indies.


Each Registration Officer will receive the box as shown. The box will contain the equipment to use the MobiEHR® cards with a microchip card reader to data enter the ICD-10 medical record information. The physician, nurse or care provider will save the child’s health records via the individual child's MobiEHR® Health ID. The child's MobiEHR® Health ID will then be provided to the parent or guardian for safe keeping.  The parent or guardian will be responsible to bring the MobiEHR® Health ID the next time the child comes for vaccines or treatment.

CharityMobi is presently raising funds to provide 20 MobiEHR® Health ID Clinic SET UP- Boxes for the registration of children in Grenada, West Indies. We are soliciting a large foundation or a corporate donor to provide the funds to cover a bulk order of 20,000 MobiEHR® Health ID Cards for medically needy children in Grenada, West Indies. 

Child health records will be updated each time a child visits a health care provider that has been provided the registration computer, the  MobiEHR® Clinic set -up box, and MobiEHR® Health ID Card stock. Health records will be updated on the MobiEHR® Health ID Card. The Health Ministry will be provided reports via the MobiEHR® proprietary “on-line”- real-time” immunization reporting software; including providing reports to define progress in meeting “actionable” world health goals.

In the future, the MobiEHR® Health ID Card may entitle registered children to receive  emergency relief aid goods and services in the event of a hurricane or other catastrophic event.

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